Do you know exactly where your coffee comes from?

Our Roil Coffee is now available in medium-light, medium-dark, or dark roast whole beans for $15.00/bag (12 oz.). Contact us here to place an order (shipping not included in price) or to schedule a private event in Central Florida! (Volcán Coffee will be available soon! Updated 9/24/21 )

Roil Coffee

Diana and her family produce Roil Coffee, from the beautiful mountains of La Paz, Honduras near the border of El Salvador. Their coffee is named in honor of Roger (“Ro”), who suddenly passed away in 2016, and their sister Ilsa (“il”).

Volcán Coffee

Cesar and his family produce Volcán Coffee, from the mountains of Comayagua, Honduras. Volcán is the name of Cesar’s village which is Spanish for “volcano” – but the ongoing joke in their community is that there are no volcanoes in all of Honduras!

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