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San José Café, LLC provides the highest quality, ethically sourced, direct trade coffee from Honduras, where we work alongside coffee farmers to give them a better price as well as access to a greater market.  We strive to support workers and their families through good, honest, dignified work.

**UPDATE: Coffee is currently being processessed in Honduras and will arrive to the US in June 2023!

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Our Coffee

Do you know the people who prepare your coffee?

Roil Coffee

Diana and her family produce our Roil Coffee, from the beautiful mountains of La Paz, Honduras near the border of El Salvador. Their coffee is named in honor of Roger (“Ro”) who suddenly passed away in 2016, and their sister Ilsa (“il”).

Volcán Coffee

Cesar and his family produce Volcán Coffee, from the mountains of Comayagua, Honduras. Volcán is the name of Cesar’s village which is Spanish for “volcano” – but the ongoing joke in their community is that there are no volcanoes in all of Honduras!

Learn Spanish

At San José Café, we support building bridges between cultures (not walls!).  Are you interested in learning Spanish? Click below to take virtual one-on-one lessons with Nick. $30.00/hour, up to 2 times per week.

“I learned more in ten weeks than I did in two years of Spanish in high school. The in-class exercises, pronunciation, and participation were all awesome!” – Mike

Nick has 7 years of teaching experience.  He has traveled to Honduras, Central America since 2010, living there from 2016 to 2018 as a missionary and becoming fluent in Spanish. He can best able to teach beginner level or lower-intermediate level students. The tutoring course has been designed to go at the student’s own pace. There are 10 topics beginning with how to introduce yourself and pronunciation to continuing to how to use the present tense and, once the student is ready, higher level tenses. An original vocabulary list with words and phrases Nick used often while in Latin America will be provided (as well as words that are similar to English to help you learn as much as possible). Interactive activities are provided to help the student learn each grammar rule with the goal of having the student speak as much as possible while being corrected and guided.

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